Sep 20, 2004
Buffy Button

Yesterday, in the new "Impact Comics" I found a buffy badge! Of corse I had to buy it =P

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People I know

People I know watch Buffy. Unexpected people. For a start, my fantastic and awsome Latin teacher Mr M. watched Buffy! Not just like the casual veiwer either (though as if you can be when it comes to Buffy). His sister has the DVD's and they watch them together when they need cheering up! And he knows plenty of quotes (and excuses to use them in everyday life.) He even compared our principal to Giles the other day, in a very apt and comical manner.

Alice Bolt likes Buffy too! I've got her addicted to Icons! And Shadowkat's essays! We talk about Buffy all the time =) it's really how we bacame friends.

Most surprising and humourus of all is Jak. Jak Nelson has been in my contact group (liek homeroom) for the last three years, I've had a scattering of classes with him, and he's spent some times with me and my friends. I've become quite accustomed to him over the years. He once revealed that when he's sick, he stays on the couch all day watching his sister's DVD's. He vaguely made referance to the cheese man once saying "The season that ended with the cheese man. He is the coolest ever." wich sounded like someone who's sister was a fan. But last friday, when Ana and I where discussing Giles' love intrests over the years, Jak showed his true colours. I mentioned "Olivia" and at once he said "is this an orgasm friend?" (which is an Anya quote on Olivia.) but before we had finished laughing about that, he went on to say "We're not your friends" (a Spike quote from the same episode). It was the biggest (and best) wiggins I've ever had! Go for Jak!

To quote Rosie, all three of them are "good enough for the new world order." Weclome to the fold bretherin.  

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Aug 14, 2004
Google Serch- Expected and unexpected

A while ago I discovered that almost anything one serches for on google will lead to Buffy. If you search for "miss match" or "Tru alling" transcripts, you will come up with Buffy transcripts. If you search for "neighbours" transcripts, you will get Buffy ones (and one Angel one when I searched). I suppose this is not unlikely, perhaps not all that surpriseing. After all,  Buffy is fairly widely transcripted, and alot of shows just aren't. the word "neigbours" which aprears in a transcript will naturally ping the serch criterior.

However what do you think happens when you type in "body language" AND "signes of affection"?

Thats right, Buffy links. Whci have nothing to do with the subject what so ever...

What conclusion can we come to but that Buffy is taking over the world? It's certainly taking over google... more on that later.

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Ever think Btvs is taking over the world? Ever *sure* of it? Well, so am I. So here is a collection of my evidence... evicence that buffy is taking over the world!!! Buffy World Take Over Plot; If you don't watch it, you're not good enough for the new world order...

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